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How to Apply

Welcome to the applications page.  Here you will find the application that needs to be completed to apply to be part of the fifth cohort of Better Together™. Please review this instruction page carefully and fully in preparing to complete the application.

When completing the application, please include information and details which demonstrate how your Better Together™ program will achieve the goals of Better Together™, as well as address the expectations concerning the programmatics.

Please note that your proposal must be largely additive to any program you currently have in place presently. We want to support schools which are committed to adding value and depth to a program which is in place or are committed to developing a new program.

We are looking for schools which will provide opportunities for authentic relationship building between the students and seniors. Schools will work to ameliorate social isolation and loneliness through direct interaction between students and seniors (supporting the seniors’ learning to use technology as a tool of communication and connection is of particular interest to the foundation). It is vital for the students to utilize their interactions with the seniors as learning activities, with the seniors providing insights and eye witness accounts of the past (i.e. “Faces of Time” of various eras and events in Jewish, Israeli and American history).

When you click on the link below, you will automatically download the application as a word document. After you open the application, be sure to save it again– otherwise it will remain in your download folder. When you are done, please submit your completed application to: At any stage, please feel free to write to Bess Adler with any questions at:

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